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A very enriching and rewarding panel discussion was held at SAIFEE GOLDEN JUBLIEE ENGLISH PUBLIC SCHOOL, on the topic ‘Privileges and Constraints on the citizens of United Kingdom, India, China, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, in 15th February 2017, in the presence of Ms. Saira Shah Halim, an eminent educator, writer, theater personality and a social activist. The panelists were the students of classes IX and X.

The students enthusiastically participated and presented their ideas and interacted among themselves, and enriched us about their respective countries, under the guidance and supervision of their teachers. Many unique features of these countries came into light and the special features of their constitutions were also highlighted. We came to know about facts such as the British Constitution is an unwritten one, the Chinese Constitution is based on the communist ideas. We were amazed to know that Pakistan, though a theocratic nation, gives equal status to people following other religion and the white strip of their national flag represents this section. Sri Lanka, though primarily a country following Buddhism, also recognizes the religious minorities present there and our very own nation, India is the largest secular democracy in the world. We were enlightened about many unknown facts such as Sri Lanka, being an island nation has been certified by WHO to be ‘Malaria free’ in the whole of the South-East Asian region. Unique rights such as ‘right to rest’ are enjoyed by the citizens of China. The students also spoke at length, about ‘women empowerment’ in these countries.

The presentations of the ideas were followed by an interactive question-answer session, which was very productive and informative. Though the topic was also quite challenging, yet the students performed exceedingly well, with their thorough research and flawless presentation. They were appreciated by one and all. It was a wonderful learning experience for the students.

The purpose of the panel discussion was not only to make us aware of the ‘Privileges and Constraints of the citizens of various countries’ but also to develop a global perspective in the students and to prepare them to be responsible global citizens.



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