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Month and Duration of Activity : 10th July, 2016 to 30th August 2016

Classes involved : IV, VII and XII

The activity  was  to  study  the  varieties  of  food  found  in  the kitchen  garden  of  India, USA, UK, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, China and Italy. It was also  to  learn  about food nutrition, food  habits customs and  balanced  diet.

Students with the teachers in Charge of Activity 4

The  children  made  scrap  books  on  edible  and non-edible  seeds  with  pictures  and  real  seeds. This  activity  was  very  effective  as  the  children  handled  various  seeds  noted their  shapes, colour , preparing  the model children  made, use  of  coloured  papers, paints,  ribbon, ice-cream sticks, thermocol, lace, rubber and  gave 3D  effect.

Some pages from the Scrap Book

A non- fire cooking activity was conducted in the school. Children participated in this activity enthusiastically. This “learning by doing” activity spread a wave of enthusiasm and happiness among all the students. This activity helped in making the students globally aware of food and food habits of different countries. They  learnt about  calories, nutrition, healthy  food  habit. So the  learning  outcome  was  achieved.

Students involved in Non-Fire Cooking Activity

The students made charts on food and nutrition, information of food and food habits of different countries. They also made bargraphs on the crops consumed in different parts of the world. Balanced Diet Chart were also prepared and Nutritional values of different food were calculated from it.

Students involved in preparing charts

This activity aimed at improving many skills, cognitive being one of them. Not only did the children have to search for the information but also process it, relate it and pick out relevant facts. They analyzed the information that they gathered and represented it in charts and bar graphs. They also made bar graphs on various topics related to crops grown and consumed in different parts of the world.

Most importantly this activity made the children globally aware of food and food habits of different countries in the world and  learn to respect all different customs. This activity was done in collaboration with Pakistan. The students found out many similarities between India’s and Pakistan’s food culture. The students also realized the importance of ecosystems in influencing food and food habits.

Teachers were happy to see that the children were very eager and there was teamwork. Some shy children got encouraged with the activities.

I enjoyed the assignment very much. It provided me with the opportunity to hunt for relevant information in preparing bar charts resulting in the enrichment of knowledge. I liked the best the activity of drawing bar charts as it ignited in me the fire to learn more. – Aiman Hussain

We enjoyed cooking in this activity. We felt like being chef for a day. The best part was that we were able to cook independently and there was no one to interfere. – Arefa Hussain