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Month and Duration of Activity : 1st December, 2016 to 28th February, 2017

Classes involved : IX and X

The aim of this project was to do a comparative study about the rights and responsibilities of the people of different countries.

Students and teachers with the chief guest for the panel discussion

It was a very rewarding & enriching experience for the students and teachers of Saifee Golden Jubilee English Public School to be a part of the British Council ISA plan. The students actively participated in various activities as per the ISA plan. The students were assisted by teachers to collect information on topics relevant in today’s society, with the aim of making them responsible citizens.

They were also guided in the proper presentation of the matter and conducting the news and thought session in the school assembly under the British Council ISA plan.

Students presenting “News and Thoughts of the Day” in school assembly

Rukhe Zeba of class X-D presenting the Thought of the Day

The students prepared files and charts defining the rights and duties enjoyed by citizens of UK, India, China, Sri Lanka & Pakistan. They prepared power point presentation on the same as well.

Students involved in Preparing Charts

Students giving PPT presentation

A debate session was held in the first week of December 2016 where the students of classes IX and X debated on the following topics:

  • School should introduce to the students, major religions of the world.
  • Freedom of speech should be restricted.
  • Intolerance in the society is due to the lack of proper education.
  • Dictatorship, not democracy can bring stability in our country.
  • Capital punishment should be given in case of rape.
  • Kolkata should adopt the ‘odd- even’ policy to control pollution.

Students Taking Part in Debate Competition

The students visited an NGO,  ‘Ek Prayas’ that works for underprivileged children, under the guidelines of supervising teachers and gained insight on the working of the NGO and had the scope of interacting with children who belong to the lower strata of the society. They got valuable lessons on empathy, kindness and generosity.

Students Visit to the NGO “Ek Prayas”

The students enjoyed a ‘quiz’ session on the topic and enthusiastically participated in the same. This helped them to do research on the countries, learn more about the uniqueness of each and evaluate their knowledge.

Students taking part in Quiz Competition

A very interesting and educative learning initiative was organized in the form of a panel discussion on ‘Privileges & Constraints of Citizens’ of various countries. The panelists were the students of classes IX & X who represented UK, India, China, Sri Lanka & Pakistan. They interacted among themselves and exchanged their ideas about their respective countries, in the presence of a noteworthy writer, educator and social activist Mrs. Saira Shah Halim.

Though it was a difficult topic for the students as it requires in depth study of the constitution and do a lot of research on the privileges and constraints of their citizens, yet the students performed exceedingly well and were appreciated and encouraged by the visitor educator.

Students taking part in Panel Discussion

This project has been a rewarding learning experience for both the students and the teachers. It has taught valuable lessons of teamwork, participation, respecting each other’s viewpoint, leadership skills & communication skills. It also helped to overcome stage fright and instilled confidence in them. This assignment helped the students to develop a global perspective that aims towards making them a responsible global citizen.